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Fraking Films on ROSE

"Rose is possibly the most difficult film I’ve ever had to watch. It is dark, really very dark, it’s full violence, injustice but above all pain, raw, visceral pain, and at more than a few points that pain hit home with a hammer blow to heart and the mind." Jamie Hall

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Unsung Films on ROSE

"Kemal Yildirim’s brave independent drama is not easy to watch – especially not by a woman. Rose is a story full of pain, violence, injustice and vicious cycles. But it’s also one of redemption and long-awaited, much-needed relief". Angeliki Coconi

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Search my Trash on ROSE

"A rather impressive cast and a direction that finds the balance between style and emotional involvement," Mike Haberfelner

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Exclusive First Review - on ROSE

ROSE has received it's first review from Michael Clark Ph.D,

"The feature film Rose is a giant step forward for the British filmmaker, Kemal Yildirim,"..."The impressive cast is augmented by Rose‘s innovative cinematography and minimalist soundtrack. Altogether, Yildirim creates the haunting ambiance that audiences have come to expect from his movies. But this one is different. The director’s considerable talents and influences have fused into a laser-sharp focus. And it shows."

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Date posted: 01/03/12

ROSE soundtrack
Music by Azeem Choudhry (Evocative Media)