a Kemal Yildirim film based on a true story...

Cast & Crew

Director/Producer Kemal Yildirim

Kemal is an award winning filmmaker, producer and director of ROSE who has developed the film into a feature length project with writer Stephen Loveless.

A director who creates characters that an audience can follow and believe in, using a fusion of different acting techniques to create his own approach in directing.

Kemal is able to realise the film based on a true story with the much appreciated support from his home town Northampton, he will also be setting up a charity foundation in aid of issues that are raised within the film.

Kemal's director/producer credits include: 'Ticket Collector', 'Raven', 'Tales of the Dead', 'Secrets', 'Flicker', 'Shades of a Killer' and 'End Transmission' and more recently co-producing "Malady" directed by Jack James.

Helen Clifford as ROSE

Rose is a prostitute and  a seemingly insignificant single mother and junkie. Rose knows only the moment and in every one of those moments she feels her flesh like a butcher handles meat. Her flesh bleeds and burns, her flesh is pain, her flesh earns her money to get things that hide the pain for a short, stolen brightness.

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Mike Mitchell as BLONDIE

BLONDIE is Rose's pimp, a crimelord and czar of his kingdom Hellville. Blondie is a man who takes no prisoners and rules his kingdom with an iron fist until one day his empire starts to collapse, and the catalyst is one of his whores, Rose.

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Patrick Regis as TONY

Rose's lover and Blondie's right-hand man, the only man Blondie trusts to call 'friend'. As Blondie's chief enforcer Tony helps run the Hellville Club, he is also a bare-knuckle boxer, the fading reminder of a missed opportunity as a professional fighter.

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Eileen Daly as YONDRA

An ex-prostitute, one of Blondie's first who now helps run his empire. Yondra understands the way Blondie works and the power he has in Hellville. Yondra has an affinity with Tony who was adopted by her parents and has since been taken under her wing. Yondra is the matriarch of Hellville.

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Chelsea Alcock as ELLIE

The all seeing eye, witness to Hellville in it's purest form and the only innocent victim. Ellie is Rose's seven year old daughter and the reason Rose lives. Ellie is street smart beyond her years and the one man who comes closest to being a father is Tony, the only man she looks up to.

Lucy White as MAGDALENA

A Hellville girl born and raised Magdalena represents the toughness of the street. Blondie's left tenant and one of his main enforcers, under Blondie's wing Magdalena helps govern Hellville. but underneath the surface Magdalena is striving for something more believing that Hellville and Blondie owe her more than they are willing to pay.

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Rami Hilmi as BALDO

 Blondie's most loyal subject and the only person in Hellville that knows the real world outside. Of Czech descendant he is a man raised on tough streets that demands respect and feeds off the power held by Blondie's rule.

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Gary Cross as FILTHY MICK

Filthy Mick by name, filth by nature. A Hellvillian through and through and the owner of a greasy spoon cafe on Blondie's turf. Mick bows down to Blondie's rules, he hears all, sees all and is a sneak... a man not to be trusted.

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Natalie Arikan as HANIM ASENA


Alliance nor enemy to Blondie, ruling her own kingdom in Istanbul Turkey akin to Hellville. Blondie has much to learn from Hanim Asena.

Also starring...

Elaine Hartley as Rebs

Gemma Crabtree as Jols

Caroline Ryden as Susan

Genevieve Cleghorn as Laine

Council Kids

Eileen & the Courtesans

Writer Stephen Loveless

'The true story behind Rose has the grit and emotion I have been looking to write for a long time'.  Stephen Loveless.

Stephen Loveless is the first winner of the Daphne Du Maurier Literary Prize and the Worldwide Radio Netherlands Audiobook 2008 award amongst other writing prizes. Both his fiction and non-fiction has been internationally published. His first film script Washing Strangers won a First Cut award and was produced by Central TV. As well as a script writer and script editor he has also written for the stage as well as acting and directing for the stage most recently directing three short plays on a national festival tour ending at the Edinburgh Festival 2010.

Production Crew

Production Manager 
Saima Yildirim
Production Liaison   
Monica Sandansamy
Documentary film maker 
Jack James
1st Assistant Director
Lorraine Rixon
2nd Assistant Director
Monty Kazmi
Director of Photography
Jason Impey
Make-up Artist/Designer
Jenny Buckland
Assistant Make-up Artist
Niah Hallam
Musical Composer
Ben Thurkettle, Eileen Daly & The Courtesans
On Set Sound
Aurelien Folie
1st Assistant Camera/Stills photography
Guy Joynson
2nd Assistant Camera/Sound Operator
Alexander Kelly 
3rd Assistant Camera/Focus Puller
Rob Storey
Production Assistants
Azeem Choudhry
Levi Johnson
Scott Briggs
Samantha Clawson
Megan Hughes
Danny Gold
Loulabelle Smith
Bernice Hobbs
PA to the Director
Corina Hobbs
ROSE soundtrack
Music by Azeem Choudhry (Evocative Media)